There’s a good chance your wedding will be the biggest and best party you’ll ever throw but, even so, would you be comfortable shelling out $65,000 for the wedding reception venues in Rockford IL? According to a survey, the average cost of a wedding in America is now $65,482. That’s a considerable difference from the $36,200 from the government’s website quotes. This average may have been bumped up because of some of the more outlandish wedding trends in the past few years.

You know the ones couples tying the knot while parachuting into a perfectly manicured country garden reception setting, couples exchanging vows underwater where the only witness is a tiger shark and, of course, those endlessly popular destination weddings in other countries.

The Story of an Ideal Wedding

The sumptuous wedding video of the event opens with a couple getting ready in their respective city settings, hugging family, sharing laughs, and displaying the same pre-wedding nerves that most people suffer on their big day. At this point the story diverges a little from even the most flamboyant of wedding reception venues in Rockford IL: the groom and his best men get into four helicopters, fly across the city, and land next to a red carpet in the middle of a public park. There they transfer to a $50m fleet of luxury sports cars – escorted by a convoy of motorbikes – and travel down a public street, its residents having been warned to remove their cars from the scene or risk being towed.

In addition to the four helicopters, the convoy of motorbikes and the luxury cars, there was a jet flyover and a plane towing a sign of congratulations. Groomsmen drove into the reception room on oversize motorcycles, and pictures of the venue reveal a Kardashian-West-style wall of floral arrangements and an extraordinary seven-tier cake, fireworks and Australian singer Missy Higgins as at least part of the hired entertainment.

Before their big day, the couple also made a painstakingly produced short film about their romance. Another video showed the couple growing old together, aging with the aid of special-effects makeup artists. And there’s a whole lot more to this wedding but it’s way too lengthy for this story. Looking at the breakup of the average American wedding costs tell us is the benchmark, venue hire is the highest cost. This also incorporates food and alcohol for the occasion. Wedding dresses and clothing for the bridal party are also up there on the list of costly items.

How Real is Real?

There are stacks of smart ways to configure your wedding reception venues in Rockford IL without going overboard. Small savings here and there add up big time and remember that what you save in one particular area should not necessarily be simply shifted into other parts of the wedding budget. Good luck with your planning and never lose sight of what you are actually doing – starting a marriage.