In Mexico, a girl who is having her 15th birthday is called a quinceañera. It is a combination of the Spanish words quince “fifteen” and años “years”. The term may also be used to refer to a girl’s 15th birthday party, although this is more often referred to as a fiesta de quince años or fiesta de quinceañera.

In many countries in Latin America, it is customary to celebrate a girl’s fifteenth birthday party in a very lavish manner. This celebration traditionally marks a girl’s coming of age and afterwards she is considered a mature person who is ready to assume family and social responsibilities. It is somewhat equivalent to a debutante ball, or a coming-out party though these tend to be associated exclusively with the upper class whereas a quinceanera packages in Rockford IL may be celebrated by people of all social strata.

In the United States it has traditionally been the sixteenth birthday which is celebrated most extravagantly as the “Sweet Sixteen”, however the custom of the quinceanera is gaining traction in the United States in recent years, particularly among Latino families.

The History of Quinceanera

Although it’s likely that the custom of celebrating a girl’s transition to womanhood was practiced in ancient times, the particular customs associated with the quinceañera probably date back to the time when Porfirio Diaz was president. He is famous for having been enthralled by all things European, and many European customs were adopted in Mexico during the years of his presidency.

A quinceanera celebration usually begins with a mass in church to give thanks for the girl making the transition to a young woman. The girl wears a full-length ball gown in the color of her choice and carries a matching bouquet. Following the mass, the guests repair to a banquet hall where the party will take place, or in rural communities tables, chairs and a tent area may be set up to accommodate the festivities. The party is an extravagant affair that goes on for several hours.

The Expense That Goes Along With It

Flowers, balloons and decorations matching the birthday girl’s dress are ubiquitous. Quinceanera packages in Rockford IL will consist of dinner and dancing, but there are also several special traditions that are a part of the celebration though these may vary regionally. The parents, godparents, and often other family members have roles to play in the celebration.

The quinceanera packages in Rockford IL is celebrated on a grand scale and often ends up being very costly for the family. For this reason it is customary for the extended family and good family friends to make contributions, with money or help in providing the things that are necessary for the party. Some families may decide not to throw a party, and will instead use the money that would have gone towards the celebration for the girl to go on a trip instead.